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Get to know... HAILEY HANSEN

Hi, I’m Hailey!

We kind of joke around here at PD&R that I’m the Jack of All Trades. I do a little bit of everything, but in secret, I’m the one behind the scenes.

Some things to know about me... I didn’t end up getting a degree in this field. Now don’t let that scare you! I always had a love for the industry, but ended up going to business school and obtaining a degree in marketing. I now use it from time to time, but my focus is on learning all that I can about the trades. I grew up around construction and had my eyes and hands in it since I was little. I loved watching one space transform into a completely different atmosphere whether it was with paint, furniture, or a complete renovation.

When the opportunity presented itself to work in the industry, I took a jump. Now years later here I’m doing what I love! (Thank you, Jeanna, for taking me under your wing)

With me being a person that’s more in the background it’s safe to say I’m a true introvert who loves to stay home with my dog, Cooper. I enjoy the simple things that life has to offer like good coffee, and a good burger, or simply getting away in the summertime to my family's cabin to go and unwind while reading a good book. While I may not be a huge movie or TV buff you can always find me quoting The Office and if you come back with a follow-up quote, we’re immediately friends.

I’m a person of few words but with that, I’m a great listener. While you may not know what design you’re looking for I’ll catch on to the little things that matter to incorporate into the design. I understand the hustle and bustle that is life and how not everything can be social media perfect, and it shouldn’t be. I love helping everyone find their style, my focus is on helping you create your dream space every step of the way whether that is through repurposing, buying new, or both.

I can’t wait to work with you and your family on your upcoming home project no matter the size while creating a fun relationship along the way!


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