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Phase 1: Intake, Initial Consult, Scope of Work, Design Contract

We start every potential client off with a welcome email that has two important parts. One, a pdf packet of who we are, what we do, and how our process works. Secondly, a link to our intake form so we can make sure we are a good fit for you, as well as you for us. Once the intake form is submitted we do an exploratory call and if we all agree to move forward, we schedule our initial site visit.

Both Scott (the GC) and myself (Jeanna, the Interior Designer) come out on these visits. We want to be able to give real time tangible advice as well as start to build the relationship while gathering critical information. We then can create a Scope of Work for both Design and Construction with high level estimates.

If the client agrees to the scope and budget we move on and enter in the Design Contract where the real fun starts!


Phase 2: Design Development, Construction Estimate, Construction Contract, Purchasing, Scheduling

So a Design Contract is signed... then what???

Then Hailey and I get down to business with budgeting, layouts, selections, renderings, sample acquisition, preliminary quotes, and mood boards. We make sure we are solving the needs of the client while getting most of the wants and some wishes as well. Aesthetics are important, but so is function! We stick to our budget which can be tricky sometimes, but necessary... you gotta be able to afford it, right??

We do an in office presentation and after all selections are made and our quotes on labor and materials are final, Scott and I work hand in hand to deliver a Construction Estimate that is reflective of all the choices made up until that point. If the client agrees or makes some adjustments to scope (very common) we then turn the Estimate into a Construction Contract.

From there we invoice for the down payment (I will touch on a later day on our payment structure) and once the money is good to go we make all the purchases including permits, dumpsters, and all materials. Then when we know when the last thing is arriving we schedule a project start date !!! We track the items, product check them, and handle all returns/re-selections so clients do not have to. We also create a Jobsite Binder that will be referenced on site by all subs and tradespeople.


Phase 3: Construction, Punch Out, Photoshoot

Demo Day... what does that look like and how long will my project last???

After we have everything on site or confirmed arrival dates of big items (such as cabinetry) we show up and make a huge mess that is paired with lots of noise. Well, I'm not going to lie.

BUT- we do do everything in our power to mitigate the mess. We do zipper walls, we clean as we go, we have a pre-construction meeting outlining what you need to do beforehand and a tentative schedule so you can plan on when you will want to be away. We agree on start and stop times that work for you and your family. We have a group text that updates are constantly being communicated.

Every project is different but we are transparent and honest about timelines and what is to be expected. We have been told many times by clients how previous contractors on a previous project for themselves or someone they know said it will be 3 weeks and it turns into 6. We would say 6-8 and then try as hard as possible for 6.

Often times there are inspections and also downtime... it's the reality. We try to make the most out of them and consolidate them. Sometimes there are surprises that cause change orders. It isn't like tv, but we do stop work and make a decision the client is comfortable with as a team before moving on. This may mean increase in budget, but that is why we plan for contingencies on the front end.

Once the scope of work is complete we schedule a punch out where Scott and I come to make sure everything is done and to our standard. Maybe we need to fix a baseboard piece or touch up paint... we schedule it to be done and make sure it does. Let's be honest, a happy customer means referrals and repeat business...

Lastly we photoshoot! This is usually ran by Hailey and she does a fabulous job. She buys staging items (that you can purchase if you want at cost and get a free staging service out of the deal) to really make the space shows well. She meets the photographer on site and delivers our post project thank you basket. Clients can chose to attend or just give us access, but it is a great time... and bonus, the client get the before and after pictures as well.

Thanks for sticking with me... interested in doing a project??



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